Comment: Steve Smith on Macy’s QR Codes

After reading Steve Smith’s blog today about Macy’s Backstage Pass QR campaign, I had to comment (see his article here: A QR Thing: Stuck In Macy’s Backstage Door.)

As always, Steve’s commentary is down to earth and he does a great job of reeling you into the store with him, teetering over a display rack to scan a QR code, all in the name of his quest for mobile exploration.

From the perspective of a consumer, as well as someone who works in mobile marketing, there are three resounding considerations I’ve heard about QR, and in-store mobile marketing campaigns in general:

1) Confusion as to whether or not your phone is capable of scanning and reading the code.

2) The need for a strong signal to stream, buffer, or download a piece of mobile web video (how often have you tried to reach your shopping companion by phone in-store to no avail?). I certainly understand the frustration of trying to make a call to locate your mate, much less have the juice to load a mobile web page in the store.

and, 3) As Steve and his wife point out, the relevance of the video is often so meaningless it sours the overall experience. I want to receive a mobile message back from Martha Stewart telling me all the colors in which these dining linens are available, or a message from Greg Norman showing me the matching pants for this golf shirt and suggesting the best combo for Fall weather conditions.

In the mobile marketing business, success comes by either offering an incentive (coupons please!), or useful/exclusive content. Reward me for being a good shopper and participating in your campaign, and I’ll tell all my friends to shop there too.

To the point in Steve’s post from August 16, 2011 (The Other Mobile Video Channel – MMS), using MMS could solve the first two QR shortcomings. Asking a consumer to text a keyword to a short code to receive the same video via MMS removes the need to climb over fixtures to get a clear snap of a small QR image, download, buffer, and stream a video in the “maybe cell service available” store. MMS sends it right to the phone via text messaging. We do it a hundred times a day.

Phew. Can we go home now? My feet are tired.

/ tz


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