Unwanted Marketing Text Messages?

You might have a friend who signed up for a premium text service, perhaps a joke-a-day or daily horoscope sent directly to their phone as a text message. Maybe that “friend” is actually you. And then the phone bill arrives with new charges you did not expect. How can you make it stop? With your mobile device, text a reply with the keyword, “STOP,” to the shortcode that sends you messages. (Typing in lowercase is fine, but convention capitalizes these keywords.) You might also first text “HELP” if you wanted to email the company that crafted the message. The shortcode is required by cellular carriers’ regulations to end all communication with you when you request they do so; if you need to enlist the aid of your mobile telephone carrier for help or further questions, dial “611.”

MMS mobile text campaign

The "HELP" & "STOP" message should be at the bottom of the text.

So how did you get signed up in the first place? You probably texted a keyword like FLIGHT to a shortcode like 21534. The shortcode — which is really a computer system with a phone number, managed by a company like Mogreet — responds with message, which could be anything from a simple SMS text to a high quality MMS movie preview. Some of these are one-time, and some will send you messages again — say, several hours before your favorite show airs, or when there’s a sale coming up. If you don’t want to receive them any more … you already know the answer. Reply STOP and legitimate mobile marketing companies will stop sending you messages for that movie, or store, or show.

Texts from Mogreet’s shortcodes and its partners are not premium messages unless explicitly stated: if you’ve signed up at a retail store at the mall to receive coupons on your phone and they use Mogreet as their mobile platform, you’ll find no additional charge beyond your phone plan’s standard messaging rates. I have had an unlimited messaging plan since my first pager in the mid-90s so it is no concern for me, but my mom who pays per text, would expect a twenty-cent charge from her cellular carrier to deliver the weekly video update message from her favorite television show or monthly discount text message from her favorite restaurant.

I have heard people complain: “Oh yeah, my kid signed up for something once; you have no idea about the hassles I endured.” Before this year, I had only signed up for one text campaign for a political organization. I understand hesitation over text to shortcodes campaigns. Perhaps you likewise have been reluctant to take advantage of coupons from nearby retailers or news alerts from your local media; but hopefully with this explanation you won’t hesitate to participate the next time you see a text to shortcode call out at a concert, to have an exclusive video delivered to your phone.

If any future messages lose their benefit and become a burden, just remember to text “STOP.”


About Mogreet
With all of the clutter and confusion about mobile marketing and MMS message marketing on the internet, this blog is to help you with news and tips in mobile marketing. About Mogreet We help brands & agencies communicate via mobile messaging - in vibrant video, images, & audio MMS. Text MMS to 21534 for a live MMS demo. Msg&Data rates may apply.

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