Dickens’ Ghosts of Mobile Messaging

MMS Messaging

It’s time for the holidays and you can’t avoid being exposed to the classic stories of the season.  Here’s my take on a Christmas Carol with all due apologies to Charles Dickens (who no doubt got an iPad for Christmas last year).

Ah, SMS, The Ghost of Christmas Past.  Was commercial SMS ever a long-term marketing proposition or just a cheap short-term gimmick to get quick tactical messages, deals, bounce backs, and so-called “news/weather/sports alerts” into the hands (literally) of consumers.  One thing is certain, this ghost saved radio stations from having to “take the 98th caller” ever again.  “Text–to-win” was born. Scrooge would have loved SMS.

SMS became the hot item for radio stations…right up there with email blasts, voice tracking, and half-off “daily deals”.  Then marketers and media companies “checked” mobile off their Christmas lists.

Congratulations to all those responsible for convincing the media and advertising communities of the wonders of 160 characters of text, including spaces and punctuation.  That’s like convincing Bob Cratchit that Ebenezer Scrooge was a generous boss.  It worked…for a while.

Your worries are over, or are they?  I’d like to introduce you to the Ghost of Christmas Present, the “app”.  A massive industry has grown up to serve apps to millions of waiting iPhones and Androids.  But first, you have to discover it, find it, buy it, download it, organize it, remember it, update it, and open it, which you rarely do, unless it’s Foursquare, Facebook or Twitter or your three other favorites.  Gee, do you think the Pareto Principle  (80/20 Rule) applies to apps too?  Of course it does.  In cases I’ve witnessed, 80% of a user’s app activity is likely to be with just 20% of her apps. Well, this Ghost looked good on paper and it’s not going away any time soon.  By the way, how much did you pay for those?

Now lets meet the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, rich media MMS.  Gone are the shackles of SMS along with those famous excerpts of classical literature: “U R a winner 4 details call R #”…gone, packed away with your old Christmas tree ornaments.  The Ghosts of Christmas Past still try to mislead marketers and media companies about the viability, deliverability, and feasibility of MMS.  It’s like they’re trying to wait out the market until there are enough smartphones to make the jump while keeping their fingers crossed not too many people discover Mogreet.

But why wait, like the real version of “A Christmas Carol”, the future is really already here.  You’ve just woken up from the nightmare that comes to you in bursts of 160 characters of horrifying gobbledygook.  You’ve been counting letters instead of blessings. “Yes Virginia, there really is a Santa Claus!”

The future is full of rich media content, breaking news delivered in MMS video by your (highly paid) news anchor, sport scores in the unconstrained text message, text-to-win video “bounce-back” greetings from your (highly paid) morning show personalities, exclusive content from this week’s week prime time premiere, and an actual picture and full description of your daily deals.

Don’t let the Ghosts scare you, you can send MMS messages across all carriers and to virtually every cell phone in the US with Mogreet’s platform.

Contributed by Keith Samuels – Vice President Sales, Broadcast Media


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