Mobile Marketers: ¿Habla Español?

¿Por qué los latinos se están convirtiendo en el objetivo número uno de la plan de mercadotecnia de la mayoria de las marcas mas grandes en Estados Unidos? (Why are Latinos becoming the number one marketing target of some of the the largest brands in the United States?)

More and more businesses are creating advertisements in Spanish on TV, radio and in print. As the population of Spanish speakers is rapidly growing, it’s possible to miss out on the enormous opportunity to tap into one of the most powerful demographics in the United States, the Hispanic community.

The most recent research on mobile adoption and consumption within the Hispanic market in the United States, further proves that companies need to increase their efforts in tailoring their messages to this demographic. Which is why we’ve made sure that this post is Spanish speaking friendly.

There are over 50.5 million Hispanics that represent around 16.3% of the total US population equalling more than $1 trillion dollars in spending power. (Hay 50.5 millones Hispanos que representa alrededor del 16.3% de la población total de EE.UU. Eso equivale a más de $ 1 trillón.)

Mobile phone usage between Latinos has grown exponentially faster than the general population. 19% of the Hispanic adults reside in a home that has at least one or more smartphones, such as a Blackberry or iPhone. (Uso de teléfonos celulares entre los latinos está creciendo más rápido que la población general. 19% de los adultos hispanos viven  en un hogar que posee uno o más teléfonos inteligentes, como Blackberries o iPhones.)*(Scarborough Research Report)

The graph below shows that by the end of 2012, two-thirds of mobile users will be White. Other races/ethnic groups such as African American, Hispanic and Asians are inching upward at a steady rate.  Hispanics are in second place and closing the gap between themselves and White demographic each year. These statistics provide great insight as to why major brands are investing more money in Spanish language ads.  This trend will only increase as Hispanics continue their ascension up the mobile phone market penetration ladder.

mobile phone usage hispanic

source: eMarketer

impreMedia and Entravision, two of the largest Spanish-language Newspaper and Media companies in the United States, utilize mobile messaging as an integral part of their marketing communications strategies. Their mobile message marketing with SMS and Mogreet MMS, has allowed these media giants to deliver valuable and rich media content to the readers within the Hispanic market.

It’s time to step for brands and agencies to step out of the conventional marketing strategies and truly address the growing diversity and emerging mobile technology available today.

Contributed by Brett Hopkins, Account Manager

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