Technology is My Cupid! How Technology Saved Valentine’s Day!

If you didn’t know already, yep today’s Valentine’s Day! If you forgot, no worries, you’re not alone.

To explain how technology was my cupid today, I need to give a little background….  If you have ever started a new job, you know the first few weeks are the hardest. You learn all day long and you spend all night trying to figure out how to accomplish, and surpass, every goal possible.  During this time, you let other things slide. Like grocery shopping or even remembering your significant other’s birthday (yes, really).  Usually I can get myself out of trouble.  I even convinced my boyfriend that ordering take out made his birthday a special occasion.

But today?  Today I was busted.  Why?  It is Valentine’s Day and I completely, and utterly forgot.  I don’t mean it slipped my mind, I mean, completely forgot.  And of course, with a full day of work ahead of me, I had to find a way to rectify this quickly, easily and with no hassle.

My first instinct was an e-card.  I could get an e-card and send it to him! But given how we view email as one step away from spam, that was not going to work.  I needed to send him something he would actually receive and open. Then I realized the solution was literally at my fingertips, moShare.  So, I moShared him a card!   It was so easy to do, and of course, since it was delivered via text, he opened it immediately.  He has no idea I forgot!  Victory!

So how did moShare work for me?

First I went to and downloaded the bookmarklet for my browser.  This took about 2 minutes to do…..

share to mobile, social sharing

Get moShare buttons and bookmarklets at

Then I went to Google searched an image for Valentine’s Day cards (30 seconds)

Try sending any card or picture as your Valentine

I finally found the image I liked the most and clicked on it…

Once the image chosen, I just clicked my moShare bookmarklet in my bookmarks menu – filled out the information and sent it out.

Send to multiple people if you want!

Crisis averted!  And not only did I find a fast solution, I already received a text back – a dinner date invitation.

My cupid this year was moShare, it saved my Valentine’s Day!  Now it is your turn – go try it!  Once you do, let us know what you think. Have another holiday or celebration coming up? Find your favorite picture together or Google another card to send — that’s the hard part, then just send it their mobile using moShare.

Contributed by: Serena Ehrlich, Mogreet’s new Director of Marketing. If you want to know more about Serena and see how her Valentine’s Day panned out – follow her on Twitter or G+.


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