The Trends and Roadblocks in Retail e-Commerce: A Recap of the 2012 eTail Conference: Part 1

Each year, as technology and consumer adoption continues to evolve, retailer e-commerce teams are facing new challenges. By 2012, CMOs will spend more money on technology than CIOs.

This year the nation’s leading multi-channel and online conference, eTail covered a wide range of e-commerce related topics and challenges facing today’s retailers. The event showcased five core themes that we will be sharing as part of a 5 part trade show wrap up blog series.

  1. Are you mobile ready? – Massive impact mobile will have on retail in the next 3 years.
  2. Optimize your website for mobile, yesterday! – Mobile landing pages
  3. Diversify the campaign – Multichannel integration
  4. Think before you leap – Social media: strategies before tactics
  5. Every customer is unique – Personalize customer experiences through optimized content

Are you mobile ready?
“In 3 years, it will not be technology leading the retailer to mobile marketing, it will be the consumer.” This powerful statement from Mickey Khan, editor in chief of Mobile Marketer gave eTail attendees pause. And it should. Eventually the first interaction with a brand will be through mobile. What experience are today’s retailers providing there?

There are 2 billion people online today, and 8 billion connected devices. By the end of the decade, forecasters estimate 8 billion hand held devices will be in use. Considering the mobile phone is the primary POS research tool, and that mobile consumers have different needs, marketers need to design a strategy to meet consumers where they play, and the mobile phone is the playground.

It is key to note that mobile messaging means being sensitive to the consumer. By providing customers with content of value, brands gain customer trust. Customer trust is critical for establishing a long-term relationship between company and customer. For maximum success, companies need to create targeted mobile content and distribution strategies for reaching specific audiences.

So who is using mobile marketing? Walmart has millions on their mobile mailing list, Victoria’s Secret, Charlotte Russe, Steve Madden, Domino’s and Armani to just name a few. Want to see how it works? Text ETAIL to 21534. Standard msg&data rates may apply.

Should my company focus on tablet or mobile phone marketing? Both!
eTail saw its share of discussions surrounding mobile phones vs. tablets. The truth is, marketers should be creating landing pages for both. The mobile phone is the first device used in the morning, tablet usage is strongest at night and the usage rates are skyrocketing. Optimizing your content and the experience for both device types is a must. Shoppers who own both a tablet and a mobile phone spend almost 60% more money online than the average user and are 2x more likely to make a purchase using their mobile device.

App usage also differs on phones vs. tablets: 85% of phone users access apps, while only 61% of tablet users access apps on a regular basis. And the driving reason behind mobile purchases? Consumer downtime. Yep, they’re bored and browsing your site – so every day your site remains not optimized for mobile, the more users and customers you’re losing due to a poor user experience..

Additional mobile marketing statistics cited at eTail, include:

  • 98% of phones in the US can receive mobile messages
  • 90% of phones in the US can receive MMS (multimedia) messaging
  • By 2015, mobile shopping will account for $163 billion dollars worldwide
  • mCommerce is predicted to reach $30 billion, in fact, PayPal mobile volume grew 500% from 2010 to 2011
  • 43% of US retail sales are influenced by web research, and much of that research is being done at the point of sale [via mobile]
  • 63% of mobile phone users would give up chocolate over their mobile phone
  • 40% of all retailer emails are being read on mobile devices
  • 60% of tablet owners browse online shops with their tablet, 47% buy
  • 60% of mobile phone owners browse with their phones, 29% buy

Start thinking mobile today: To be prepared for this huge shift in consumer behavior, discover what your customers want by using internal data and customer feedback. Use that information to craft your mobile program and begin growing your mobile database as soon as possible.

For additional notes or information about eTail, please contact Serena Ehrlich, Director of Marketing at or click here to learn more about Mogreet


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