Part 2: Retailers, Are you Mobile Ready?

This is the second in a five part series recapping the five core themes from the 2012 eTail multi-channel and online conference for the retail industry.

  1. Are you mobile ready? – Massive impact mobile will have on retail in the next 3 years.
  2. Optimize your website for mobile, yesterday! – Mobile landing pages
  3. Diversify the campaign – Multichannel integration
  4. Think before you leap – Social media: strategies before tactics
  5. Every customer is unique – Personalize customer experiences through optimized content

Establishing mobile landing pages
How does a company establish a mobile program? First step: a mobile landing page!

Why? A mobile optimized site is more effective in longer page visits, which lead to more purchases or desired actions via e-commerce than an app. It must come first before any mobile programs are implemented.

With 41% of purchasers citing bad mobile purchasing experiences, it is clear that mobile shoppers have high expectations for mobile retail experiences.

The critical metric for mobile shopping is speed. The average mobile landing page takes 7-9 second to load, the average desktop page takes 3. If a mobile user is browsing a site that hasn’t been optimized for mobile, the user or customer has to zoom in and out to find the navigation and page they were looking for. Retailers must reduce this friction to drive purchases in the moment of impulse – cut back the number of clicks to purchase to three.

Top tips for a strong mobile website:

  • Understand your mobile customer’s journey and intention
  • Create a consistent, relevant and targeted cross-buying experience to fully engage the customer
  • Design for the five minute experience
  • Tailor the user experience to the device being used (handset optimization)
  • Mirrored online interface to provide a consistency for your consumer
  • Implement advanced share tools such as Facebook/G+ comment box, tweet, and moShare to allow the customer to evangelize your brand
  • Hyper-personalize each shopper’s experience
  • Simplify checkout, create accounts with easy checkout and use market basket analysis to recommend items based on their past purchases or recent items viewed
  • Keep it simple for the consumer
  • Keep as much information above the fold (space on the site before you have to scroll) as possible
  • Consider HTML5 as it provides a richer consumer experience, Flash players pose a barrier on iOS devices
  • A/B test everything


For additional notes or information about eTail, please contact Serena Ehrlich, Director of Marketing at or click here to learn more about Mogreet


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