Part 3: Retailers, Maximize via Multimedia Integration

This is the third in a five part series recapping the five core themes from the 2012 eTail multichannel and online conference for the retail industry.

  1. Are you mobile ready? – Massive impact mobile will have on retail in the next 3 years.
  2. Optimize your website for mobile, yesterday! – Mobile landing pages
  3. Diversify the campaign – Multichannel integration
  4. Think before you leap – Social media: strategies before tactics
  5. Every customer is unique – Personalize customer experiences through optimized content

Multichannel Integration
One of the top themes that emerged at eTail each day was the need for retailers to implement multichannel integration. Speaker after speaker presented case studies showing how a more integrated approach drove higher sales, better customer experience and the foundation for customer loyalty.

With customer personalization becoming the norm, retailers are looking at multi-channel integrations to create custom experiences for each customer based on previous interactions in-store, online and in social media. Cross channel customization requires data collection includes everything from the first click to matching multi-channel purchases, acquiring email address and mobile numbers, and multi-device cookies. Utilizing commerce APIs allow brands to extend reach into new platforms and consumer touch points. Socializing each shopping experience has shown to be a great tool as well. Give your items a share to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or moShare button to let your customers easily send and share the product to their friends and family members.

Keep in mind, customers ultimately do not care about the channel they’re on, they only care about the retail experience they get through each channel.

For additional notes or information about eTail, please contact Serena Ehrlich, Director of Marketing at or click here to learn more about Mogreet


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