Retail in social media: strategies before tactics – Part 4

This is the forth entry in a five part series recapping the five core themes from the 2012 eTail multi-channel and online conference for the retail industry.

  1. Are you mobile ready? – Massive impact mobile will have on retail in the next 3 years.
  2. Optimize your website for mobile, yesterday! – Mobile landing pages
  3. Diversify the campaign – Multichannel integration
  4. Think before you leap – Social media: strategies before tactics
  5. Every customer is unique – Personalize customer experiences through optimized content

Social Media – Activation or Engagement
Social Media is simply a tool brands use to interact with customers. As such, the number one requirement is to make sure your social program is customized for that experience and the consumer’s needs, not just a recreation of another platform.

Retailers are still struggling to see how Social Media affects e-commerce. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and Fancy allow consumers to discover, buy and share products. But how does a brand maximize their presences, cutting through the clutter of social content?

The first rule is to start listening to what is being said about your brand. If you can identify your consumer’s pain point, you can begin to make the changes needed to reduce the barrier to purchase.

If TOMS shoes sees a customer comment about a damaged shoe on their Facebook page, their community manager immediately responds with information on how they can get this issue resolved. This action and visibility does wonders for a retailer’s reputation and customers’ confidence in repurchasing.

The last few years, social media has been about trying a variety of tactics with high price tags and low results, including F-commerce, buying “likes”, haphazardly placed QR codes, online discounts and coupons. To truly be successful in social in 2012, one must think strategically, listen to the customer and build a personalized social experience and social offering that drives into additional programs and platforms.

This was a terrific show with some strong predictions on e-commerce trends, especially mobile marketing. We look forward to seeing how brands react to the advice provided at this show!

For additional notes or information about eTail, please contact Serena Ehrlich, director of marketing at or click here to learn more about Mogreet



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