1 Reason Why You Should Use MMS Mobile Messaging? MMS to Generate $180 Billion Between 2012-2016

Last Friday Portio Research published its 6th edition of ‘Mobile Messaging Futures’, a study that takes a deep look at the future of messaging based on 5-year OTT messaging forecasts.

The last few years have been difficult for MMS.  It first launched with the expectation it would be interchangeable with SMS, but it was plagued with technical limitations in relation to phones and phone carriers.

With technology and carrier changes occurring at breakneck speed in the last two years, MMS marketing is poised to compete with mobile email marketing head on.

While the study looked at several aspects of the messaging market place, there were five key statistics to take away

  • In 2010, MMS generated $35.2 billion in worldwide revenue (23% annual increase)
  • In 2010, 249 billion MMS messages were sent (47% annual growth)
  • OTT Traffic will surpass 20 trillion messages in 2016
  • MMS will amass revenue exceeding $250 billion in the period 2009-2016
  • MMS will generate revenues of $183.2 billion over the years 2012-2016

It is important to note that Portio observes that the era of mobile social networking has given the consumer a plethora of sharing options to rival MMS sharing.  None of these services, however, have shown to have the open or click through rates provided by MMS.

In addition, while social networking and e-mail are frequently used by mobile subscribers to broadcast multimedia content, MMS is and will still be an individual’s preferred medium for sharing personal content.

So what are our thoughts on MMS Messaging?  We forecast nothing but growth.  As brands recognize that multimedia drives deeper relationships and higher purchase rates, more and more marketing dollars move into the MMS space.  Combine that with technical advances from phone offerings to carrier abilities and the already inherent consumer knowledge of text services, we believe 2012 is the year of the MMS message. Service offerings such as moShare are already providing content providers and consumers the free tools needed to for personal content sharing.

But what do you think?  Do you see MMS marketing as the future of mobile messaging?


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