How to Upgrade Your Existing SMS Marketing Program in 5 Easy Steps

In today’s overly congested branding space, it is crucial for a company to retain their brand identity.  This is the crux of the SMS marketing problem facing today’s brand owners.

Payless Shoes SMS Marketing

In recent years, more and more marketers turned to mobile messaging as a tool to engage customers and to drive marketing goals. Marketers dipped their toes into mobile by launching simple SMS campaigns, being as creative as possible to engage fans within the limitation of 160-text only characters.

But what do customers really think of receiving those basic text messages from brands?   Not much.  (In fact, some of our clients received as much as 10x increase in customer response rates when they switched from SMS to MMS.)

Why?  As customers adapt to mobile phones becoming a first screen interactive platform, the expectations for the mobile experience has grown dramatically.  Facing consumer backlash to SMS marketing, marketers are now realizing how limiting SMS’s 160 characters can be.  Shorthanded text simply does not provide the best customer experience that a brand can and wants to provide for their fans.

Where do you start?  Stop using SMS

Yes.  Stop using SMS.  Stop trying to describe your brand, product, or services in shorthand. Teenagers text with broken and abbreviated words, companies shouldn’t. SMS marketing is the same as sending your email database a plain text email with no images or colors.  SMS is a great delivery platform to short textual news, but it’s never going to be the tool to drive excitement in a new shoe line or TV show.

Steve Madden Shoes MMS message marketing

Steve Madden Shoes MMS message marketing

And what is MMS again?

MMS is a fully branded marketing platform. MMS delivers completely branded video, audio, photos, look books and text to fans.  It includes options to link back to your website.  Mogreet’s MMS allows your recipients to share your messages across social platforms with a direct integration with Facebook, Twitter or Google +.  So with MMS, you can send your mobile subscribers a flipbook with those new shoes with information about the nearest store and even a unique coupon code and then the shopper can also share that flipbook directly to Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. Mogreet’s MMS brings your brand to life and offers a better customer experience.

How to switch to Mogreet’s MMS service in 5 easy steps:

 1. Choose to use a shared short code or vanity short code. A shared short code is simply a shared short code that other companies are using as well. A vanity short code is a short code that is aesthetically pleasing such as a pattern or an acronym (i.e. 51515 or “STYLE” (78953)).

There are huge benefits to owning your own branded short code for instance, no conflicting keywords with other companies on the short code. To purchase your own vanity short code, work with your new provider to determine the code you want, based on availability and to begin the paperwork necessary to purchase the code.  Your mobile marketing provider will work with you through the process, just remember, it does take time to finalize, approximately 4-6 months.

2. The next step is to transfer of your existing mobile database from one provider to the new one. If you use a shared code, this part is easy!  Ask your existing mobile marketing provider to export your list in a .CSV or .XLS file and you can email the list to your new provider.

3. After you have ported the database to your new provider, the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) requires that you notify your existing mobile database of the transition to your new short code.

This is easy to do!  Send a message to your current subscriber database informing them that you plan to switch short codes.  Ask them to save the new number in their contact database to drive compliance.

4. Then send a message to your existing database utilizing the new short code.  To show off your new MMS capabilities, we highly recommend adding a branded video or other rich media to provide a great customer experience right from the first interaction.

5. As always, be sure to always include the legally required guidelines on how to opt out from the overall mobile marketing program in all messages you send.

Of course, now that you have switched providers, you will want to continue to build your mobile subscriber database.  Need help? Check out our recent article on building mobile databases here

Have questions?  Let us know!


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