How do you share web content straight to mobile? moShare

You want to share something you found on the interwebs with your friend, like a funny picture, but Facebook, Twitter, or email are so cluttered that you’re not sure if your selected friends will actually see it. Ideally, you would want that picture to get sent directly to your friend without the risk of it getting overlooked. When you want to tell someone something and know that they’ll read it, you’ll most likely text them, even studies have shown that text messages average a 98% open rate.

That’s where moShare can fit into your social sharing habits. And here’s how to use it!

With moShare you get mobile sharing. It lets you send web content to your friends’ mobile phones via MMS messaging. So your friend gets it to their phone just like they would get a text from you about dinner. It’s simple to share articles, pictures, videos and even music directly to your friend’s phone, no matter where they are online.  To send some moShares, just follow the next few steps and you’ll be on your way to newest way to share things with your friends.

Step 1: Get moShare! (it’s free)

Just like you would use a “Pinterest Bookmarklet” to pin things on the web, we have a moShare Bookmarklet and adding this button is easy and free. Simply drag or add the link to your browser’s bookmarks so you can easily moShare anything, at anytime!




Step 2: Find what to share!

When you see a piece of content that you want to share, click the moShare Bookmarklet on your browsers tool bar and a separate window will appear so you can provide the number(s) you want to send it to. Choose up to three people to send it to at a time!


Step 3: moShare it!

Click the “share” button, and you’re message is on its way. When received, they can view it directly on their phones without having to find a nearby computer.


moShare messages don’t cost you anything additional – it’s the same cost or fee as a regular text message, so if you and your friends have a text messaging plan, you’re good to go!

Have questions or need help? Shoot the moShare crew a note at

Are you a content publisher wanting to implement a moShare button for your site? Not a problem! A variety of different moShare buttons are available here.


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