Are You Using Mobile Messaging in your Marketing Mix? Get Ready for the New Guidelines!

Mobile marketers, if you’re serious about staying on top of your compliance guidelines, go download the latest  version of CTIA-The Wireless Association’s CSC Monitoring and Compliance handbook here. The rules listed here are effective now, but will not be fully enforced until July 1, 2012.

CTIA mobile marketing mogreet

Our friends at OpenMarket noted the following changes to this year’s handbook:

  • Lighter touch is applied to auditing standard rate campaigns using social media
  • Opt-in via non-mobile point-of-origin must include handset verification
  • HELP and STOP requirements are relaxed for messages sent to mobile phones after non-mobile point-of-origin opt-in; however, the follow-up opt-in confirmation message must include HELP and STOP elements
  • STOP requirements are relaxed for one-off standard rate messages
  • Pending the FCC ruling on opt-out confirmation messaging related to TCPA, CTIA is suspending enforcement of this rule temporarily when violations are noted. In the interim, CTIA continues to view opt-out confirmation as the better consumer experience and completely legal under TCPA.

Use these guidelines in addition to those presented in the MMA’s best practices guide, found here, to ensure your mobile marketing program is compliant (and successful)!

We at Mogreet support these industry standards and best practices as they provide the best possible mobile marketing experience for consumers across all industries.

What do you think of these rules and changes?


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2 Responses to Are You Using Mobile Messaging in your Marketing Mix? Get Ready for the New Guidelines!

  1. sam says:

    Mobile Messaging is rapidly moving to non-SMS transactions (data, mobile web, apps and “push”), which is unregulated territory; and due to it’s technical nature, likely very difficult to regulate or monitor. I’m already seeing companies present themselves as “we do good Push” v. companies who are incorporating Push notifications as hidden elements within apps (as a new form of ad unit).

    I think the real question is, does anyone care about the new regulations for SMS and MMS? How much longer will there be any dollars in this space?

  2. Mogreet says:

    Hi Sam, thanks for your comment! The truth is mobile messaging has seen growth in many types of delivery like you mentioned (data, mobile web, apps, and push) – however SMS and MMS are hardly on their way out. Every 24 hours, 6.4 billion text messages are sent and that includes MMS and SMS alike. Marketers are have harnessed the ubiquitous power of SMS/MMS to reach these consumers especially since non-smartphones which make up roughly half of all mobile phones in the US cannot use data or install apps. Millions of ad dollars are spent on SMS/MMS message marketing for this very reason.

    The “unregulated territory” you refer to will soon be regulated too as consumers will inevitably begin to demand regulation and compliance guidelines be put in place.

    The purpose of this post was because we always want to provide the latest resources for our clients, colleagues and fellow mobile marketers who are using mobile messaging in their marketing mix, so that we can all be aware of the most recent compliance guidelines to be able to treat our mobile subscribers the way they expect.

    We love hearing your thoughts on all mobile topics so feel free to let us know what you think of any of our future posts too!


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