comScore reports 74 percent of U.S. mobile subscribers use text messaging over Apps, social networking and web browsing

comScore’s U.S. mobile subscriber market share report covers the latest trends in mobile subscribers’ actions. This report highlights key trends in the U.S. mobile phone industry and represents more than 30,000 U.S. subscribers.

The report from May 2012 highlighted a several emerging trends that will surely impact mobile marketers in the near and long-term.

Mogreet’s recent proprietary smartphone report reflects similar data; with 110 million people in the U.S. owning a smartphone in the last 3 months, Samsung continues to hold the top spot as the top handset manufacturer in the U.S.  In the battle for operating system dominance, Android accounts for 50.9 percent of smartphones with Apple holding strong with 31.9 percent.

This report also tracks consumer smartphone usage, with valuable findings for today’s marketers.

The number one action taken with a smartphone (calls not included) is the sending of text messages!  In fact, over 74 percent of U.S. smartphone users actively text.  This is 50 percent more than those who downloaded apps or accessed mobile web and almost 105 percent more than those who accessed a social network or blog from their smartphone.

comscore statistics research 2012

Source: comScore

So the real question for today’s marketers is, how are you using this consumer data?

Are you designing mobile marketing programs that work across all smartphones, or just iPhone or Android exclusively?  Are you creating programs that match your customer’s current phone usage habits or are you trying to force consumer to use the programs you think they want?

For marketer’s who want to engage and activate the consumer on the ever-present mobile device, the customer has spoken and the medium is clear, text message marketing (SMS/MMS) is the strongest way to connect with your audience.  Not only does it work on all smartphones, but basic and “dumb” phones as well.

Want to learn how to get started with a mobile messaging program? We recommend checking out these articles, and don’t hesitate to contact our mobile message marketing experts with any questions!

Read the comScore Mobile Usage rReport


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One Response to comScore reports 74 percent of U.S. mobile subscribers use text messaging over Apps, social networking and web browsing

  1. Dave says:

    You forgot the #1 use of a smartphone — making a phone call. Marketers should not forget the power of Voice. @Mobldave @DialPound250

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