Midweek Mobile Trends Recap for Retail Marketers

Every week it feels like there are millions of articles to catch up on. Here are a few recent pieces that offer great insight into the truly revolutionary impact that mobile devices have had on the retail space.  An unprecedented disruption in mobile is forcing retailers to adopt new strategies to utilize the ever growing mobile space.  It would be a mistake for the retail marketers to ignore such a vast opportunity to engage their customers in the most direct and engaging medium.

Here are a few articles about mobile and retail to catch you up on news from the past week thus far!

Retailers Need to “Tech-Up”

According to Motorola Solutions, “39% of retailers offer consumers the option to buy on mobile and ship to home, while 59% expect to do so by 2017”. Retailers are looking to make the shopping experience as easy as possible for the consumer.  Investing in new technologies, especially mobile, will help them accomplish this.

25pc of mobile users shop online only via a smartphone or tablet: study

A study by Proper Mobile Insights found that “25.4 percent of consumers engage in online shopping only via mobile”.  The survey found that some consumers are becoming totally dependent on mobile for certain activities, such as checking personal email and conducting searches. This intent focus on mobile reflects the need for retailers to find the right kind of advertising to grab the attention of these consumers. For retailers, ignoring mobile efforts equates to ignoring their customers.

Mobile Marketing Budgets to Balloon in 2013

Ignoring them they are not, with a study conducted by Strongmail showing that “70% of marketers will ramp up their mobile budgets in 2013. This year, mobile ad spending in the U.S. is expected to reach $2.6 billion. That includes spending on display, search and messaging-based formats. And another estimate shows mobile advertising on smartphones will be a $5.04 billion industry by 2015.”

Retailers, stay strong and keep focused on the goldmine that mobile is becoming. What other articles have you read that would help retailers and other marketers stay on top of their game?


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