Introducing AdStitch: Mogreet Introduces the Monetization of Mobile Messaging with Advertising

The burgeoning world of mobile marketing has advertisers, marketers, and businesses scrambling to find the most effective way to monetize mobile marketing without alienating their customer audiences.

Permissions-based mobile message marketing is a no brainer when it comes to brand marketing.  The fact it is delivered over such a ubiquitous medium, with a 95% delivery rate makes it a natural fit for both marketers and consumers.  The fact it is sent over such a personal device means marketers must develop highly creative programming to attract and retain customers.  This need for creativity is one of the top reasons why brands choose to MMS marketing, including high quality video.

And it is within MMS messaging, specifically mobile video, that marketers find the perfect opportunity to monetize their mobile marketing program.

Introducing AdStitch, the first customer-friendly platform to streamline the process of combining video advertisements and MMS messages, generating mobile messaging advertising revenue with a few simple clicks.

AdStitch enables companies, such as those in the consumer packaged goods (CPG), retail, media and entertainment industries, to monetize mobile video content by selling advertisements to be added before and/or after (“pre or post roll”) the brand’s MMS video messages. Users upload a brief video advertisement within Mogreet’s proprietary account management system and use AdStitch to “stitch” the ad to the brand video. The clip is then automatically transcoded and set to be delivered to the brand’s opt-in mobile subscriber list via Mogreet, the world’s largest commercial MMS distribution platform.

AdStitch works! Cox Media Group monetizes local messaging through AdStitch. Each morning, Oakland-based  KTVU sends “tune-in now” AdStitch MMS video clips featuring news highlights, including a short commercial from the morning show’s sponsor, to their opted-in mobile database.  Melissa Patterson, Cox Media Group says, “If [subscribers] get an MMS message when they are waking up and sitting on the couch, it is a great way to get them to tune into the newscast.”  AdStitch provides CMG’s ad sales team a new way to extend advertising partnerships by appending a short >10 second advertisement to their marketing messages.

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Mogreet’s AdStitch is the perfect tool to extend any brand partnership, or to give new visibility to relevant, existing ad inventory.  A natural fit for co-branded partnerships – imagine a department store launching a new celebrity product line and including a short ad for the celebrity’s perfume line.  Or creating new partnerships, such as a weather alert paired with a video on the importance of survival kits. Or activating (and monetizing) TV show fans by sharing short, relevant advertisements from a program’s core sponsor.

For the first time ever, all of these options to monetize mobile messaging is finally possible (and easy!) with AdStitch.

Learn more about how AdStitch can increase your mobile messaging ROI, contact us at


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