The Wall St. Journal Agrees: Text Marketing Drives Awareness, Sales, Loyalty and More

Yesterday, Charlotte Russe, Bloomingdale’s, Vans and Mogreet were featured in the Wall Street Journal in a fantastic piece on how today’s leading retailers are driving measureable ROI with text message marketing.

If you haven’t read it yet, please do.  And we highly recommend watching the video as well.  The article reiterates the success Mogreet’s clients are seeing (regardless of industry) with text message marketing.

So why is text marketing so successful in 2012?  What has changed to make this medium so important?

A few things….

  1. Consumers are using their phones more and more.  As consumer behavior changes, so do marketing tools and techniques.  Right now, with so many consumers obsessed with their phones, text marketing really is the perfect medium to catch their attention.
  2. Consumers use their phones as “intent-driven” devices.  Think about it, you use phones to do something – make a call, take a picture, send a text.  Marketers who use text marketing to drive an action – sending a coupon to drive a sale for example – are able to turn the receipt of a text into a purchase
  3. Consumers are “showrooming” – more and more consumers are pulling their phones out in stores to shop for better deals.  An in-store sign featuring an offer redeemable immediately not only slows “showrooming” but drives opt-ins for future marketing
  4. Text message marketing speaks to a wide range of goals – not only can brands drive sales, they can easily use text in components to drive brand to fan to brand engagement, drive downloads of branded apps, utilize social sharing to increase viral impressions and more.  Text marketing speaks to the entire marketing funnel from awareness to loyalty
  5. Text messages can actually drive advertising revenue!  With a simple click, video ads from aligned marketing partners can be added to messages to further advertising dollars.
  6. Text message marketing is opt-in only!  This means brands cannot simply add people to a list and start texting them.  Consumers must opt-in themselves to receive offers.  By putting the control in the hands of the consumer, brands really need to know exactly HOW to use the medium before they begin this type of program
  7. Not sure who is using text message marketing? Besides Charlotte Russe, Vans, Bloomingdale’s, Jack in the Box and more?  Coca-Cola for one. In fact, they put 70% of their entire marketing budget towards text message marketing

Want to learn how you can create a successful text message marketing program?  Join Mogreet, Charlotte Rusee and the Mobile Marketing Assocation on August 9, 2012 for a free webinar.

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  • Show how to create a ROI-driven mobile marketing program
  • Provide steps on how to integrate mobile messaging into your existing marketing efforts

Speakers Include:

  • James Citron, Chief Executive Officer, Mogreet
  • Paul Hollowell, Director of Marketing, Charlotte Russe
  • Moderator: Michael Becker, Managing Director, North America, MMA

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