How Mobile Messaging Drives ROI for Automakers (and other brands)

Last week LuxuryDaily asked us our thoughts on how luxury automakers could use mobile messaging to meet their wide range of marketing and sales goals for inclusion in their article What are Luxury Automakers Doing on Mobile?

There are many ways luxury automobile brands can utilize SMS, or better yet, MMS, to drive brand awareness, consideration of purchase, advocacy and loyalty.

There are two things to note within the automobile industry.  First, awareness campaigns for automakers begin each year at the Auto Show.   Secondly, consideration of purchase is strongly influenced by the research consumers do to uncover the latest information online (and on mobile) on websites like,, TrueCar, Kelly Blue Book etc.

As new car lines are unveiled at the annual Auto Show, automakers should use this opportunity to capture consumer interest by employing content-rich mobile messaging to showcase the new features and benefits of their latest models.


To maximize the awareness opportunities, and more importantly, consideration of purchase, automakers should take advantage of the power of imagery and video enabled by MMS, which can allows consumers to receive high quality video showcasing the car and its features within seconds without requiring the consumer to go to a mobile site, or downloading an app in a crowded convention center with limited cell connectivity. Video is the perfect medium to showcase a car’s handling, provide background for new models and to entice interested parties to learn more about their car.

Once users are opted-in to the automakers’ mobile marketing database, additional messaging can be sent to move the consumer through the purchase process, delivering more added-value content, from encouraging a test drive to pricing specials.

Following a successful purchase, SMS and MMS are the simplest ways to remind car owners of service appointments and other special offers. Automakers should even encourage fans to share information about their car purchase across social channels to amplify the brand’s message.

Automakers can also SMS/MMS to raise awareness, opt-ins and interest in partnerships and sponsorships. Several automakers have used MMS and SMS messaging successfully including BMW, Toyota, Honda and several others. Consumers are increasingly mobile and the integration of both valuable content and utility-based messaging into all aspects of the customer journey for automakers will drive high ROI on automakers’ marketing spend and a more engaged, long-term customer for the brand.

As you can see from the above, there are many ways automakers can utilize mobile marketing to increase sales and awareness.  But if you look closer, this is a logical yet effective mobile marketing road map for any brand looking to increase ROI through mobile message marketing.

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