Welcome to the ‘Text Generation’

Forget calling today’s youth demographic the “Next Generation”, they have definitely earned the label of “Text Generation” with their almost addictive usage of mobile text messaging. But it’s certainly not limited to just sending text only – it’s all about multimedia based text messaging, sharing photos, video and more.

teen texting mobile marketing

It may not be such a surprise to today’s parents, but it’s a turning point for marketers and brands that want to communicate with these tech savvy teens. 77 percent of teenagers ages 12 to 17, have a cellphone (Pew Internet, 2012). With teens, ages 14 -17, sending an average of 100 text messages per day, a 40 text increase since 2009 (Pew Internet, 2012), they have no problem adding their favorite brands and retailers into their frequent text messaging communications.

Leading young women’s fashion retailer, Charlotte Russe tailored their entire mobile marketing program around the behavior they saw in store from their customers who were texting pictures of clothes and accessories to their friends and family to get feedback before their purchase. Charlotte Russe created their text messaging program as a way to create a dialogue, stay ‘top of mind’ and ultimately drive in-store traffic. Since the program launched, the retailer has seen a 10X increase on ROI on SMS and MMS messaging compared to their email marketing efforts.

Teenagers command a massive shopper demographic with over 30 million teens wielding more than $200 billion in buying power (Research and Markets, 2011). Teens are amongst the most difficult demographics to breakthrough to on social media, email and traditional channels of marketing as they are bombarded by hundreds of advertisements in one day and tend to rely heavily on friend approvals and recommendations.  This is why it is key to note their high number of subscriptions for text marketing databases for brands that are highly relevant to their daily lives.

When considering text message marketing it is key to remember that you are not limited to just plain text SMS.  Marketers can and should harness the power of multimedia videos, images, and social media integrations with MMS when outreaching to Generation Text. Using fully branded (and opted in databases) MMS text message marketing give marketers an opportunity to deepen engagement with a captive audience that is interested in receiving offers, product information, or contests on their mobile phone. To learn more about how MMS messaging drives results within the Text Generation market, download this case study.

For more tips and insights on text marketing, check out these articles or contact us at info@mogreet.com to answer your questions.


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