Building a Text Message Marketing Database: 5 Great Ways to Promote Your Program

Text message marketing (SMS and MMS) of all the tools in the mobile marketer’s tool kit, drives the highest results.  In addition to building customer loyalty, multimedia-rich MMS creates engagement, heightens product awareness and drives more product sales.

But what good are all these highly tangible results if no one has opted into your program!  The most important thing you need in order to produce real results with text marketing is to promote it and consistently do so.

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Some examples of how brands and retailers promote their SMS/MMS campaigns.

5 great places to promote your text message program!

1. Existing Email Database:  For many, email marketing is a continued cornerstone of their marketing programs.  Take this opportunity to offer your customers a more effective way to interact with you.  Include a simple, clear call to action at the top of your email marketing blasts, and watch the opt-ins pour in.

2. POS/In-Aisle:  There is no better place to reach your customers, create a product differential and stop shoppers from showrooming inside your store.  Place your text call-to-action everywhere!  Put signs outside your store, around key pieces of merchandise and don’t forget signage at the register.  Train and incentivize in-store staff to suggest texting in to complete the experience.  Want to drive even higher, more immediate in-store opt-ins?  Include value offering, such as an instantly redeemable coupon, to encourage customers to opt-in on site.

3. Paid Advertising:  Make your paid advertising work for you!  Include your keyword and shortcode across all paid advertising.  Create excitement by teasing your mobile program inside each ad.

4. Across Social Platforms (don’t forget Mogreet’s share to mobile service, moShare):  Your social media is a second home to loyal customers. While this interaction is great, it doesn’t necessarily translate to sales.  Let your social media following know they can text-in for more valuable content via mobile.

Don’t forget to include direct post-to-Facebook and Twitter links within your MMS text messages. Mogreet’s “Social Poster” empowers your fans to share your content across their social channels.  Nothing builds awareness and drives opt-ins higher than word of mouth and endorsements of your brand by customers.

5. Everywhere else! Gain awareness and drive opt-ins of your mobile marketing program by adding the text call to action on all of your “owned properties” – create a landing page on your website where interested parties can learn more and sign up.  Include a call to action in employee email signatures and add it to printed receipts and marketing pieces.  The options are limitless.

Follow these five easy steps to promote your mobile database program and watch your database grow.  Have questions about growing your database? Email us at Have a promotional tip that has worked well for you?  Let us know in the comments!


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