Text Messaging Cadence and Spam (or lack thereof)

no spam text message marketingWe know the power of text message marketing.  However, occasionally we meet with brands hesitant to start a text message program because they worry consumers will view text message marketing as spam. Unlike email, strict opt-in rules associated with mobile messaging dramatically decrease the amount of spam most consumers receive on their phone.  Additionally, because users only opt-in to the content they want to receive average click through rates for text messaging are more than double (14%) the average CTR for email (6%).

There is an art to text message marketing.  Sending a recipient too many messages can decrease the effectiveness of your messaging and be perceived as spam.  At Mogreet, one thing we do with all our clients from the onset of a program is discuss and determine message cadence, or how often you are pushing messages to your database.  After all, the amount of messages our client’s send can vary greatly based on their program and the value of it’s offerings to the end user.  For example a client offering daily traffic alerts is going to message their clients much more frequently than a retailer who sell shoes.

We suggest that before starting a program, clients should build a messaging roadmap or plan to ensure that their cadence is appropriate for their audience.  This plan is defined by the type of the content you are sending.  Every message must provide value to your audience.  What that value is depends on the content (media outlets share news, retailers share product information etc), but it must be perceived as meaningful by the user to keep them opted-in to your database.

In addition to creating a messaging plan, marketers should constantly monitor their opt-in and opt-out rates so that they can refine their strategy.  It seems simple, but setting up weekly reports to track your opt-in/opt-out rates is often overlooked.  When tracking opt-outs, patterns are often found, and messaging that results in higher opt-out rates can be eliminated.

Finally, you should make sure that if your messaging is driving consumers to a destination, it is optimized for mobile.  Driving someone to a site that is not optimized for their devices creates a poor user experience and increases your bounce rate.

Ultimately your messaging cadence will be dependent on the content you are sending.  Following these three simple steps will increase the success of your mobile messaging program:

  • Build a messaging strategy for your program
  • Track opt-outs and try to find patterns
  • Drive consumers to content that is optimized for mobile

Have questions about cadence or value-based content?  Let us know, we tackle these questions every day.  Contact us at sales@mogreet.com to learn the fine art of text message marketing.


About Mogreet
With all of the clutter and confusion about mobile marketing and MMS message marketing on the internet, this blog is to help you with news and tips in mobile marketing. About Mogreet We help brands & agencies communicate via mobile messaging - in vibrant video, images, & audio MMS. Text MMS to 21534 for a live MMS demo. Msg&Data rates may apply.

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