33 Ways to Use Mogreet’s SMS/MMS APIs

Earlier this month, Mogreet launched messaging and video APIs to help developers quickly, easily and cost-effectively send messaging or video content directly to mobile phones.

There are endless use cases for these APIs.  From sending quick and effective SMS/MMS text messages such as alerts or engaging trivia, to nearly instantaneous mobile video transcoding and distribution for a more robust end user experience, our APIs makes it easy for developers to create new apps or add functionality within existing web and mobile applications. In this blog series, we are going to present various use cases by API, beginning with our SMS/MMS messaging API.  These examples will provide glimpse of the vast uses and features of each API.  Full details on how to use each of these APIs can be found on our developer website at the specific links provided below.

Introducing Mogreet’s SMS/MMS API

Mogreet’s SMS/MMS API enables SMS and MMS text messaging via any mobile or web app. The potential applications of SMS/MMS messaging APIs are wide-ranging from two-factor authentication (sending secure PINs) to creating memes featuring MMS images texted in from third parties.  After all, with a 97% open rate, text messages are the fastest and most personal tool available to reach and engage users.

Here are some examples of how you can use SMS and MMS text message APIs. Text alerts, ranging from confirmations to recalls, are the most common way people use SMS/MMS, but of course, there are so many other uses.  How about creating a brand hero wall by collecting images from users through inbound text?  Or promoting an app download by segmenting your mobile subscribers list by which OS the users have? Sending directions with an image of a map attached and even creating a crowd sourced wedding album with user-generated content?  The possibilities are endless!

To help you get started, here are 30 examples for how you can use Mogreet’s SMS/MMS APIs:


1. Confirm appointments/reservations

2. Order delivery confirmation

3. Sending receipts (image or just text)

4. Pick up or take out alert

5. Sports scores with video or just text (Fantasy football, etc.)

6. System error or offline alerts

7. Product recalls

General information or promotion

8. Authentication of financial/account information (PIN code or CAPTCHA image)

9. Game or App download links

10. Inbound voting or polling

11. Field staff coordination

12. Fundraising information with a link to mobile site for payment

13. Mobile ecards or memes

14. Question and answers

15. Political campaign updates

16. Text to win – contests or sweepstakes

17. Feedback services

18. Store locator


19. ESPN + Mogreet SMS/MMS = sports scores, video highlights, and more

20. Flickr + Mogreet SMS/MMS = text-in images, send images

21. Maps + Mogreet SMS/MMS = text directions, maps, transit info

22.  Twilio + Mogreet MMS = send voicemails via MMS

23. Instagram/Facebook/Twitter + Mogreet MMS = Publish photos via MMS

24. Salesforce/Linkedin + Mogreet MMS = Scan Business cards via MMS

Information on Demand

25. Movie times, titles, and location

26. Local weather – weekly, daily, or weekend scheduled

27. Traffic conditions – or even DUI checkpoints!

28. Loyalty club membership information

dui text sms mms alerts

MO Campaigns (Mobile Originated Response – User Generated Content)

29. Crowd sourced wedding photo album or gallery pages – like meme bro!

30. Police blotter – text in crimes in progress

31. Beautify your city – text in city property in need of repair

 text messaging api mms sms meme bro

Building a Mobile Database:

32. Create loyal mobile subscriber database for remessaging

33. Set up different lists or keywords for specific programs or events (i.e. Halloween Party RSVPs, Happy Hour Participants)

Doesn’t this list just make you want to start hacking to find the coolest way to integrate SMS/MMS? What uses can you think?  Let us know or better yet, sign up today, receive a $25 free credit and show us what you create with the Mogreet APIs.  Send us your creation and we would love to help promote your program!

Who is building with Mogreet’s MMS APIs?  Check out the latest blog post from Oracle’s Noel Portugal, who used the MMS image API to enhance the Oracle Social Network.


About Mogreet
With all of the clutter and confusion about mobile marketing and MMS message marketing on the internet, this blog is to help you with news and tips in mobile marketing. About Mogreet We help brands & agencies communicate via mobile messaging - in vibrant video, images, & audio MMS. Text MMS to 21534 for a live MMS demo. Msg&Data rates may apply.

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