Need Easy and Inexpensive Mobile Video Transcoding? Mogreet Has an API for that

The Mogreet team is excited about our new messaging and video APIs. We created a blog series to talk about the use cases of each API, providing developers not only an overview of what the API can accomplish, but how that API can help rock out any mobile based program.

Earlier this week, we discussed Mogreet’s SMS/MMS APIs.  From sending alerts to inbound content programming, there are endless use cases for messaging APIs.  And mobile video is just as popular.  And why not, mobile video has proven over and over again to drive action and results.

Introducing Mogreet’s Video Transcoding and Storage APIs

Mogreet’s video transcoding APIs is an on demand cloud-based video transcoding system that integrates within your system and quickly easily (and automatically) converts your video to all needed formats for optimal quality. Whether the recipient has an iPhone, iPad or even an older model feature phone, our APIs can convert video files to playback perfectly – no matter what device is being used.

So how does it work? 

api mobile video transcoding

Your app sends an API request with a master video file into the Mogreet system.  Mogreet assigns the video file with an ID allowing you to track your file through the conversion process.

Once the file has been received, Mogreet’s system immediately converts the video into all the necessary formats, all ready for use, accessible immediately to users through a content_ID (for SMS/MMS sends) or a Smart_URL that can be used in web pages, apps, social media apps.  When someone clicks the Smart_URL, it automatically detects the accessing device and immediately delivers appropriate content based on the device type, ensuring perfect playback for the recipient.

Each content version is automatically pushed out to a variety of hosting facilities and global Content Delivery Network and is stored via reference to the original piece of content. A unique hash code is generated to identify the master content and all of the transcoded versions and that hash code is returned to you as a ‘Smart URL’ like “” for use in additional applications and services.

Mogreet maintains a constantly growing database of know devices and their capabilities and supports all the codecs and formats needed to reach users, no matter what device or browser they use. We even store the various video formats, accessible immediately when needed.  Then all you need to do to access your video is click on provided link and viola!

Learn more about Mogreet’s video transcoding and storage services.

Is the video transcoding and storage API expensive to use? 

The truth is, video transcoding can be pricey.  Most transcoding API services bill developers based on the total video output time.  Mogreet does not.  Mogreet bills based on total video input time.

So why does this matter?   Let’s say you have a 10 minute video to convert and you find out you need 10 different versions of that video.  You are now paying for 100 minutes of time.  We at Mogreet think this pricing model is wrong.  You should pay for input time, not output time, especially as more and more output versions become needed.  In other words, while another vendor wants you to pay for 100 minutes, we only bill you for 10.

In addition, Mogreet charges a flat rate for each access to the file.  We do NOT charge for data transfers by the gigabyte or anything else outside of your control.  You pay for the number of minutes of your input file.  You pay for the number of times you access that file.  That is it!

Why developers should consider mobile video:

  • Mobile video traffic was 52% of all mobile traffic in 2011 (Cisco, 2012)
  • Mobile video messages have 300% more engagement than SMS text messages (Mogreet, 2011)
  • 36M US consumers watch video on their mobile phones (Nielson, 2012)
  • 4G data subscribers are 33% more likely to watch a video on their smartphone (Business Insider, SAI, 2012)
  • Visitors who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy than visitors who do not (Internet Retailer, 2010)
  • 61% of consumers visited a store after watching a product video (Google, 2012)
  • A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words (Omnivideo, 2009)
  • Humans process visuals 60,000 times faster than text (Cisco, 2010)
  • 67% of customers value the quality of a product image more than the textual description or review (MDV Blog 2012)
  • 43% of mobile phone users have swapped their camera for a mobile device (Oracle)
  • Mobile video can be monetized with sponsored pre- or post-roll video clips (Mogreet, 2012)

So what can you do with mobile video?  Here are 15 ways to use mobile video to drive actions and engagement across the mobile device landscape:

  • Product videos
  • Video invitations
  • Educational videos
  • Reminder videos
  • Training videos
  • Behind the Scenes video
  • Video Q&A
  • Webisode sharing
  • Video postcards
  • Film shorts
  • Crowdsourced inbound video wedding album
  • Customer service video sharing

Mobile video is hot and Mogreet’s APIs now make mobile video easier to use.  Sign up today to try our transcoding services!  You’ll receive a $25 free credit to help you get started.  Are you already building a product?  Let us know, we would love to help promote your program!


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