Internet Retailer and Data Says Text Message Marketing is Where Retailers Need To Focus

Yesterday, Internet Retailer cited new research from Experian Marketing Services, as an ode to text messaging’s 20th birthday. There are undeniable findings that all retailers and marketers need to consider when developing their marketing and digital marketing strategies.

As IR highlighted, the most impactful survey finding was that “48% of smartphone owners ages 18 to 24 and 47% ages 25-34 say that a conversation via text message is just as meaningful as a telephone call.” Your customers are texting everyday, hundreds and even sometimes thousands of times a day – how valuable would it be to your brand if they opted in and gave permission to your brand to send them text messages? Priceless. With text message marketing, you don’t need to promote your app hoping that the consumer will search through millions of apps to find yours and download it, and also consistently use it.

Text message marketing is a behavior that we all do. The Experian research also found that during a typical month, smartphone owners ages 18 to 24 send 2,022 text messages and receive another 1,831 for a combined total of 3,852 texts sent and received. As you move up the age segments, messaging volume decreases by almost 40%. For example, smartphone users ages 25 – 34 send, on average, 1,110 text messages a month and receive 1,130 for a combined total of 2,240 messages, compared to almost 4,000 messages that the 18-24 y.o. age bracket.

Retailers such as Charlotte Russe, understand the consumer behavior and trends in text messaging and have stated that text message marketing with SMS and MMS is their top digital marketing ROI driver. Other brand marketers who are using text message marketing to reach their target audiences include Jack in the Box, Bloomingdale’s, and entertainment companies such as FOX, ABC, and CBS.

For more research on how retailer, Charlotte Russe and others use text message marketing in their marketing mix, view this full presentation and webinar.


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