Mogreet’s 2013 Predictions for the Mobile Marketing Industry

It is our favorite time of year!  Prediction time!  The time of year when marketers look at technology, marketing and consumer behavior patterns and from there, try to guess what changes are on the horizon for the upcoming year and how, if possible to prepare for it. 

So where does Mogreet see the mobile marketing industry heading in 2013?  Here are just a few of our predictions.

2013:  Mobile Marketing Takes Center Stage

Hurrah! Mobile receives it’s due:  Years after the age of mobile was declared, we see 2013 as the year mobile is embraced across the board.  As consumer usage of mobile phones and tablets rises, marketers will start to create programs designed to engage, within the mobile mindset.

The second screen dominates: Marketers continue to try tools that recoup the consumer’s attention second screens are taking away from television programming and advertising.  Look for tools like Viggle that automatically sync with TV viewing or two way MMS messaging to drive engagement during real-time TV watching.

Mobile ads become fun:  Look for advertising in 2013 to become more engaging and interactive with celebrities appearing in supporting video.  2013 will be the year, brand marketers merge content creation and commercials with big returns.

Say cheese!  The content revolution continues:  The incredible penetration of smartphones has made every phone owner a content creator.  As high quality cameras usage becomes a daily activity, so will content platforms.  Look for more social networks surrounding image and video creation and sharing to continue to take center stage.

Networking follows content: As content creation grows, so will content based social networks.  Look for 2013 to be the year of  visual and interactive content networking.

The Evolution of Mobile Marketing tools in 2013

The death of QR and other non-native tools:  In 2013, consumers are no longer going to be forced to learn new technologies to engage with brands.  Instead, brands will be working within existing behaviors and platforms to engage and interact with fans. 

Be useful or die out:  The future of apps:  With over 1,200 apps launched every day and ongoing app amnesia occuring across all smartphone types, apps have to evolve. The will need to provide greater value to the end user, either by being providing ways to make the user’s life easier, or be incredible compelling.  The days of “just because” downloads are over.

The All in One Delivery:  The rise of MMS:  CTIA predicts that MMS usage will skyrocket in 2013 and we agree. As more consumers become content creators, their need to consume content also increases.  Smart brands will take advantage of this native behavior resulting in an increase across the industry of MMS branded messaging.

The rise of the CRM: With retailers leading the charge, 2013 will be the year of better CRM tools and adoption as companies look to find ways to provide customers a more personalized experience.

A Look Ahead at 2013 Carrier Changes

Pricing changes for unlimited messaging:  As more and more consumers utilize text messaging, and as carriers move their focus to data usage, we will see a drop in unlimited messaging prices. The first carrier to do this will be bold about it and others will quickly follow suit.

Speaking of data – LTE:  Look for a widespread LTE availability and with that, data consumption. And with data consumption, look for an increase in data pricing and phone costs by top carriers, Verizon and AT&T. 

Sprint makes a comeback:  We are already starting to see signs of this but we think 2013 will be a big year for Sprint.  We see them gaining traction and growing market share with the continuation of flat rate pricing for calls, messages and data. Our prediction is big, we think Sprint and partner networks will exceed 20% market share for all pre- and post-paid mobile subscriptions in the U.S.

Bye Bye Free Phone: 2013 will be the year many carriers end phone subsidies. This change will drive an increase in market share from smaller, more cost effective phone makers.

A Peek at the New Players

The rise of Google Wireless Network Services:  Look for Google to roll out wireless network services, including calling services, in select markets.  We know Google is already looking at creating a wireless network – what if this network went national, making it possible to use Android devices without a carrier contract at all?!

Amazon anyone?  Our CTO has a soft spot for Amazon. His prediction?  Amazon will release a new mobile phone product and service, in partnership with T-Mobile, using the T-Mobile network. This move would bring Amazon directly into the smartphone race, and give a big boost to this fourth place carrier.

Apple Voice anyone?  How interesting would it be if Apple added voice as part of their iOS device offerings?  Perhaps it works like iMessage, that both users must have valid and linked Apple IDs.  This would allow consumers to bypass carriers all together when making voice calls.

With 2012 being the year technology, consumer behavior and smartphone accessibility, we see 2013 as the year when mobile marketing takes front and center stage across all company types – small, large, B2B and B2C.  What do you think will be the dominant trends in mobile marketing in 2013?  Do you agree with our list?  Are we missing anything?  Let us know!


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