Data: Today’s mobile marketer’s secret weapon

Every year, Mogreet processes tens of thousands of text message marketing campaigns designed to meet a wide range of company goals.

Some text programs are informative and helpful – they remind customers to floss their teeth, pick up prescriptions or tune into their favorite shows.  Other text programs are drive immediate sales, featuring beautiful product shots, videos, and shortened links to mobile websites to encourage purchasing.  And others’ use texting for engagement messaging. These engaging messages start or continue conversations between consumers and their favorite brands, shows or radio stations, building deeper connections and higher customer loyalty.

Text message marketing can meet a wide range of goals, and with proper promotion and strong value-based incentives it can be very successful. However, there is one other element of text message marketing companies can use to drive results – a secret weapon known as mobile data.

Every time a person opts into a text message program, their phone is detected and information is gathered.  Marketers can use this information to improve their mobile strategy to ultimately produce better results.

What kind of data is accessible to mobile marketers? Read more of this post


Welcome to the ‘Text Generation’

Forget calling today’s youth demographic the “Next Generation”, they have definitely earned the label of “Text Generation” with their almost addictive usage of mobile text messaging. But it’s certainly not limited to just sending text only – it’s all about multimedia based text messaging, sharing photos, video and more.

teen texting mobile marketing

It may not be such a surprise to today’s parents, but it’s a turning point for marketers and brands that want to communicate with these tech savvy teens. 77 percent of teenagers ages 12 to 17, have a cellphone (Pew Internet, 2012). With teens, ages 14 -17, sending an average of 100 text messages per day, a 40 text increase since 2009 (Pew Internet, 2012), they have no problem adding their favorite brands and retailers into their frequent text messaging communications.

Leading young women’s fashion retailer, Charlotte Russe tailored their entire mobile marketing program around the behavior they saw in store from their customers who were texting pictures of clothes and accessories to their friends and family to get feedback before their purchase. Charlotte Russe created their text messaging program as a way to create a dialogue, stay ‘top of mind’ and ultimately drive in-store traffic. Since the program launched, the retailer has seen a 10X increase on ROI on SMS and MMS messaging compared to their email marketing efforts.

Teenagers command a massive shopper demographic with over 30 million teens wielding more than $200 billion in buying power (Research and Markets, 2011). Teens are amongst the most difficult demographics to breakthrough to on social media, email and traditional channels of marketing as they are bombarded by hundreds of advertisements in one day and tend to rely heavily on friend approvals and recommendations.  This is why it is key to note their high number of subscriptions for text marketing databases for brands that are highly relevant to their daily lives.

When considering text message marketing it is key to remember that you are not limited to just plain text SMS.  Marketers can and should harness the power of multimedia videos, images, and social media integrations with MMS when outreaching to Generation Text. Using fully branded (and opted in databases) MMS text message marketing give marketers an opportunity to deepen engagement with a captive audience that is interested in receiving offers, product information, or contests on their mobile phone. To learn more about how MMS messaging drives results within the Text Generation market, download this case study.

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16 Tips for Driving Sales, Engagement and Loyalty with SMS/MMS messaging

Last week Mogreet, Charlotte Russe and the Mobile Marketing Association held a webinar to discuss the return on investment (ROI) of text message marketing.

Below are several highlighted points from that event.  If you have any questions on how high the ROI can be, or how to maximize a SMS/MMS marketing program, we strongly recommend you listen to the webinar replay.

If you don’t have time to listen but want a high level overview of how Charlotte Russe activates the hundreds of thousands of customers in their text message database, the slides are embedded at the end of this post.

Now on with the 16 webinar highlights!

  1. Text message marketing speaks to consumers at all parts of the purchase funnel.  It can raise awareness, drive consideration, encourage purchase, fuel advocacy (especially if you include social sharing links!) and of course build loyalty.
  2. Did you know?  SMS/MMS builds relationships but it also drives immediate response
  3. Building a database is the marketer’s first challenge.  Promote it as much as you can!  Websites, email signatures, and in store signage
  4. In store signage + compelling offer of value to your consumer, drives MMS/SMS database opt-ins and fights showrooming
  5. The difference between SMS and MMS?  MMS messages include fully branded multimedia
  6. Why SMS/MMS?  Customers are mobile-centric, no education is required, 98% of today’s phones can receive texts and texts are usually opened within 3 minutes of receiving them
  7. When looking at mobile budget allocation, Charlotte Russe notes it is not expensive to use SMS/MMS especially considering the successful ROI
  8. Did you know? Coca-Cola allocates 70% of their mobile marketing budget to SMS/MMS marketing
  9. Charlotte Russe chose SMS/MMS because it was the number one tool used by their customers
  10. Charlotte Russe uses a mix of SMS and MMS. They see an average of 3x the redemption rate with MMS vs SMS
  11. When comparing text marketing and QR codes, Charlotte Russe saw a 10x increase in opt-ins to their SMS/MMS program over QR code scans.
  12. You don’t need Wi-Fi to view rich content from MMS messages; MMS supports video, audio and more.  There are no extra fees for the customer to receive MMS
  13. If you make sure that every message you send is valuable to your customer, you will see a much lower opt-out rate of your database
  14. Consider creating unique content, don’t rely on repurpose existing content or offers that consumer can find elsewhere
  15. MMS/SMS has 10% the click thru rate compared to apps (3.6%)
  16. What not to do with SMS/MMS? Don’t spam, don’t be irrelevant, be clear about frequency and timing and don’t forget legal information

One last note, before you start your SMS/MMS program please make sure your mobile vendor can process mobile video (ask for a live demo, don’t just look at something already on their phones!), and that they adhere to the text message rules created by MMA and CTIA.  If they do not, you could be in legal water for spam messaging!

View the slideshow below or download the webinar slideshow for even more tips, tricks, suggestions and examples of how you can drive sales, engagement and ROI with text message marketing.

Mobile Marketing Statistics and Trends from MMA Webinar featuring Mogreet and Charlotte Russe

Today, Mogreet and leading retailer Charlotte Russe, participated in a webinar hosted by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) on the topic of how companies can drive sales, engagement, and real ROI with MMS/SMS messaging.

We will be sharing a wrap up of the event, as well as a link to the full webinar archive in the next few days. In the meantime, we wanted to share with you the sources for the statistics cited during the webinar.

People frequently ask us if the statistics about SMS/MMS are exaggerated or not.  As you can see from the sources below, these statistics are true and supported. There are many reasons why adoption and ROI are so high with SMS/MMS – it is a communication medium that almost everyone has used, it is permissions-based so customers who opt-in are the only ones that receive messages and they can opt out as they please. Also, participating brands are creating compelling offers and reasons for users to stay subscribed. This creates a loyal consumer database that receives messages they expect as opposed to spam from email, direct mail, and online advertising.

Here are some statistics about the current mobile marketing landscape:

mobile marketing statistics

MMA Webinar: August 9, 2012

  • 33% of U.S. mobile customers said they preferred their offers by text message over the mobile Web (21%), apps (11%) and voice mail (8%) Source: MediaPost
  • 98% of U.S. mobile users can receive mobile messages. Source: Mobile Marketer
  • 55% of U.S. mobile users access the mobile web. Source: MediaPost
  • 26% of consumers use a downloaded App once before abandoning it. Source:  Localytics
  • 15% of U.S. mobile users have scanned a QR code. Source: NBCNews

Have you found any other useful mobile marketing statistics? We’d love to hear from you!

How Mobile Messaging Drives ROI for Automakers (and other brands)

Last week LuxuryDaily asked us our thoughts on how luxury automakers could use mobile messaging to meet their wide range of marketing and sales goals for inclusion in their article What are Luxury Automakers Doing on Mobile?

There are many ways luxury automobile brands can utilize SMS, or better yet, MMS, to drive brand awareness, consideration of purchase, advocacy and loyalty.

There are two things to note within the automobile industry.  First, awareness campaigns for automakers begin each year at the Auto Show.   Secondly, consideration of purchase is strongly influenced by the research consumers do to uncover the latest information online (and on mobile) on websites like,, TrueCar, Kelly Blue Book etc.

As new car lines are unveiled at the annual Auto Show, automakers should use this opportunity to capture consumer interest by employing content-rich mobile messaging to showcase the new features and benefits of their latest models.


To maximize the awareness opportunities, and more importantly, consideration of purchase, automakers should take advantage of the power of imagery and video enabled by MMS, which can allows consumers to receive high quality video showcasing the car and its features within seconds without requiring the consumer to go to a mobile site, or downloading an app in a crowded convention center with limited cell connectivity. Video is the perfect medium to showcase a car’s handling, provide background for new models and to entice interested parties to learn more about their car.

Once users are opted-in to the automakers’ mobile marketing database, additional messaging can be sent to move the consumer through the purchase process, delivering more added-value content, from encouraging a test drive to pricing specials.

Following a successful purchase, SMS and MMS are the simplest ways to remind car owners of service appointments and other special offers. Automakers should even encourage fans to share information about their car purchase across social channels to amplify the brand’s message.

Automakers can also SMS/MMS to raise awareness, opt-ins and interest in partnerships and sponsorships. Several automakers have used MMS and SMS messaging successfully including BMW, Toyota, Honda and several others. Consumers are increasingly mobile and the integration of both valuable content and utility-based messaging into all aspects of the customer journey for automakers will drive high ROI on automakers’ marketing spend and a more engaged, long-term customer for the brand.

As you can see from the above, there are many ways automakers can utilize mobile marketing to increase sales and awareness.  But if you look closer, this is a logical yet effective mobile marketing road map for any brand looking to increase ROI through mobile message marketing.

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Cool MMS Marketing Campaign Alert: Walmart Wants to Bring Music to Your College Town!

Earlier this month, T-Mobile launched a multimedia based (MMS) mobile marketing program that has everyone talking.

The program premise is easy, participants simply text ROCK plus their college town to 91919 (msg&data rates may apply).  Anyone can vote, once a day, as many times as they would like between now and August 15, 2012. Those who join in receive a video from the band Fun., including links to easily share the video with all their friends on Facebook!

The prize?  The top 3 town winners will host a Walmart Soundcheck concert, featuring a hot summer artist

As you can see, currently Chicago, Kalamazoo and Columbus are in the lead, with Houston, Boulder and State College climbing the charts.

Why not try it now – just text ROCK plus your college town name to 91919.  Please note that you will not receive future messaging, this is a one-time campaign.  Learn more about the program and other ways to enter at

Please note:  NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Void where prohibited. Promotion starts 12:00 a.m. PST 7/11/12 ends 11:59:59 p.m. PST 08/15/12. Open only to legal residents of 50 U.S and D.C., 18+ years. Subject to complete Official Rules for full details. Promotion not endorsed by or associated with Facebook. Entrants providing information to T-Mobile not Facebook. Sponsor: T-Mobile USA, Inc. 12920 SE 38th St., Bellevue, WA 98006.

Coca-Cola Allocates 70 Percent of Mobile Budget to Text Message Marketing

We were thrilled to find out our infographic emphasizing the power of text message marketing was featured on Daily Disruption.

This article is a must read. Not just because it features Mogreet, but because it shines light on how Coca-Cola, one the best brand marketers out there, allocates its overall mobile marketing budget.  It discusses the interview in which Tom Daly, Coca Cola’s group director for global connection stated that 70 percent of Coca-Cola’s entire mobile marketing budget is allocated to mobile messaging. 


coca cola mobile marketing


Why would a company as large and diverse as Coca-Cola allocate such a huge amount of marketing dollars towards mobile messaging?  Because it works! Mobile messaging drives ongoing, tangible results and ROI every day. And not just for the big brands, but for small businesses, media properties, TV shows, retailers and more.

Why not try mobile message marketing yourself and see how you can capture these types of results?

Learn more about how to maximize a mobile message marketing campaign in 5 easy steps.



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