Data: Today’s mobile marketer’s secret weapon

Every year, Mogreet processes tens of thousands of text message marketing campaigns designed to meet a wide range of company goals.

Some text programs are informative and helpful – they remind customers to floss their teeth, pick up prescriptions or tune into their favorite shows.  Other text programs are drive immediate sales, featuring beautiful product shots, videos, and shortened links to mobile websites to encourage purchasing.  And others’ use texting for engagement messaging. These engaging messages start or continue conversations between consumers and their favorite brands, shows or radio stations, building deeper connections and higher customer loyalty.

Text message marketing can meet a wide range of goals, and with proper promotion and strong value-based incentives it can be very successful. However, there is one other element of text message marketing companies can use to drive results – a secret weapon known as mobile data.

Every time a person opts into a text message program, their phone is detected and information is gathered.  Marketers can use this information to improve their mobile strategy to ultimately produce better results.

What kind of data is accessible to mobile marketers? Read more of this post


MMS Text Message Campaign Highlight: Cox Media Group Radio Station – 10 schools, 10 cheers, 1 winner

From time to time, we cannot resist highlighting one of our client’s text message marketing campaigns. The campaign is backed with so much enthusiasm we have to write about it!  And this MMS text message program has all of the elements of a great promotion, it has vibrant creative, with widespread promotion and the contest offers participants a highly valuable prize. What makes this text message contest so great is the sheer number local participants.  It is rare for one SMS or MMS marketing campaign to engage so many members of one local community!

The 2012 Gridiron Invasion is the brainchild of Cox Media Group radio station, The New 93Q in Houston, Texas.  Sponsored by nationwide Pizza restaurant chain, Papa John’s, this program highlights 10 local Houston high schools who are competing for a live concert on campus with American Idol’s Lauren Alaina.  Each schools’ cheerleading team came to the radio station and performed their favorite cheer on air.  Radio listeners and school fans are invited to text in the name of their school to the shortcode 70123.  The school with the most votes wins the live concert.

cox media group text message marketing campaign

Are you in the Houston area?  Join in the fun!  To learn more about the 10 schools competing or about the competition itself, go to Msg & data rates may apply.

SocialPoster, Where Social Meets Mobile

To ensure that your mobile marketing reaches the widest audience possible, it’s crucial to enable your fans to become brand advocates by giving them the opportunity to share your message.

Social media and mobile marketing simply go together. Now, users access their Facebook on their mobile phones more throughout the day than on desktop computers. This growing synergy of mobile and social is why we developed a way for your mobile subscribers to share MMS videos and content directly to Facebook or Twitter from within the text message.

SocialPoster is a feature in the Mogreet Campaign Manager that a marketer can use to easily add shortened hyperlinks within a MMS text message blast. It’s easy for your mobile audience to use too. The recipient just clicks on the link in the body of the MMS message that pulls up their Facebook or Twitter via mobile web with a pre-populated post or tweet.

With SocialPoster’s shortened links you can track clicks, CTR, and shares. Marketers can use SocialPoster to generate more buzz around TV shows, movies, products and services by facilitating viral impressions.

FOX has seen great success with their social and mobile efforts powered by Mogreet. FOX utilizes SocialPoster to generate more awareness for their shows and to build their mobile database by exposing the exclusive mobile content club members receive. After offering their audience SocialPoster links, they began to see more and more fans’ tweets and Facebook posts on a weekly basis for hit shows including Glee, House, Bones, New Girl, and Fringe.

SocialPoster is not only great for entertainment, but for retail as well. SocialPoster promotes branding, visibility, and makes shoppers advocates. Text message marketing doesnt need to be limited to communication within a mobile database – maximize impact with social amplification.

social mobile marketing

Example of how a retailer can use SocialPoster

Crowdsourcing the storm: Images of SuperStorm Sandy are Flooding In…

One of the strongest storms of 2012 is upon us.  To help the world understand the true impact of Sandy on the East Coast, the team at Mogreet created an easy “share your experience” website allowing local residents to share latest images from this unprecedented storm.  To see how the storm unfolded, simply go to

To share your photos and experience with the world, text your photo with the keyword “Sandy” to 51515 (msg & data rates may apply) and within minutes your photo will appear on the site.

Our hearts go out to everyone affected by the superstorm, Sandy.  Stay safe, friends.

andy storm images

Mogreet Joins MMA’s New Mobile Video Committee

As you may know, Mogreet’s CEO, James Citron sits on several Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) committees.  The MMA is the leading global trade association for the mobile marketing industry, setting the industry standards for fair and ethical marketing. James is one of many mobile leaders who help create these guidelines.

Earlier in 2012, the MMA approached Mogreet about participating in a new committee, one focused on creating a guidelines and best practices for the use of mobile video advertising within traditional and digital marketing campaigns.  Additionally “the group will research and review mobile video advertising practices currently in use across the various trade organizations, to identify and build on existing standards.”

The committee recently launched their first mobile video survey among MMA members, which will provide an overview of the video advertising landscape.  This will identify gaps in mobile standards as well as continue to promote mobile video, the most powerful digital marketing channel.

Marketers and video experts are integrating mobile video into campaigns to as a vehicle to deepen connections with customers.  And it is working!  Check out the below infographic to see how today’s consumers have embraced mobile video. Read more of this post

Mobile Video Changing Marketers and Mobile Industry

mobile marketing report

In late September, GigaOm PRO issued an insightful report, Mobile Industry 2012 Segment Analysis discussing the many changes rapidly facing the mobile industry, from shifting business models from today’s carriers to the importance of video in the consumer ecosystem.

First… Understanding the role of the Smartphone

Today, smartphones are like home appliances. Smartphones allow users to accomplish so many different things that the phones are actually changing consumers’ expectations for multimedia, function, and productivity. These expectations provide a big opportunity for the mobile industry. Marketers who understand the mobile industry understand that mobile marketing programs must focus on helping consumers meet and exceed their new expectations.

Several key smartphone statistics

  • Smartphone adoption is expected to reach 67.4% by 2016
  • Smartphone prices continues to decrease
  • New low-priced phones have top line features and apps
  • The increase in smartphone advanced functionality appeals to consumers
  • Video consumption is driving more powerful smartphone processing (i.e. quad processors)
  • Emerging apps are creating personalized experiences for businesses and consumers
  • Carrier network speed and infrastructure is rapidly improving
  • Carrier data-plan pricing is rationalizing

The Role of Video in the Consumer’s Life

As consumers find more and more ways to consume video content on mobile through outlets such as YouTube, Hulu, or Netflix, mobile phone and tablet designers are developing more video-friendly devices, to make them more attractive to purchasers.

Consumers love video so much, phone manufacturers and carriers are changing their offerings and business models to be able to offer it. And you certainly can’t ask for better validation for a video-based digital storytelling program than that! Marketers who understand and can create video story arcs are able to connect with their audiences faster, driving them through the consideration and purchse process faster than non-video based marketing.

Why marketers should be using video to engage customers:

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Pew Internet Releases Mobile Trends Infographic: “Smartphone Research”

One of the most cutting edge research organizations, Pew Internet, published a very informative and detailed infographic discussing how smartphones and mobile usage has caused a shift in American’s purchase decisions and usage of different mobile technologies.

The great data points from their research shed light on the growing adoption and preference consumers have for text messaging, in particular, photo-taking and multi-media usage.

See the full infographic for more statistics.

mobile facts statistics infographic sms mms

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