Data: Today’s mobile marketer’s secret weapon

Every year, Mogreet processes tens of thousands of text message marketing campaigns designed to meet a wide range of company goals.

Some text programs are informative and helpful – they remind customers to floss their teeth, pick up prescriptions or tune into their favorite shows.  Other text programs are drive immediate sales, featuring beautiful product shots, videos, and shortened links to mobile websites to encourage purchasing.  And others’ use texting for engagement messaging. These engaging messages start or continue conversations between consumers and their favorite brands, shows or radio stations, building deeper connections and higher customer loyalty.

Text message marketing can meet a wide range of goals, and with proper promotion and strong value-based incentives it can be very successful. However, there is one other element of text message marketing companies can use to drive results – a secret weapon known as mobile data.

Every time a person opts into a text message program, their phone is detected and information is gathered.  Marketers can use this information to improve their mobile strategy to ultimately produce better results.

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MMS Text Message Campaign Highlight: Cox Media Group Radio Station – 10 schools, 10 cheers, 1 winner

From time to time, we cannot resist highlighting one of our client’s text message marketing campaigns. The campaign is backed with so much enthusiasm we have to write about it!  And this MMS text message program has all of the elements of a great promotion, it has vibrant creative, with widespread promotion and the contest offers participants a highly valuable prize. What makes this text message contest so great is the sheer number local participants.  It is rare for one SMS or MMS marketing campaign to engage so many members of one local community!

The 2012 Gridiron Invasion is the brainchild of Cox Media Group radio station, The New 93Q in Houston, Texas.  Sponsored by nationwide Pizza restaurant chain, Papa John’s, this program highlights 10 local Houston high schools who are competing for a live concert on campus with American Idol’s Lauren Alaina.  Each schools’ cheerleading team came to the radio station and performed their favorite cheer on air.  Radio listeners and school fans are invited to text in the name of their school to the shortcode 70123.  The school with the most votes wins the live concert.

cox media group text message marketing campaign

Are you in the Houston area?  Join in the fun!  To learn more about the 10 schools competing or about the competition itself, go to Msg & data rates may apply.

Mobile: The New Political Platform

There’s no doubt that mobile usage is shaping a new era of political participation and discussion. In 2008, the giant communication channel for political chatter was on Facebook and Twitter. Although social still has a heavy viral reach, Americans took their mobile device to share their thoughts through text, donations, and flooded mobile app, Instagram, with pictures of “I Voted” stickers to show off their pride in making their vote count.

In a new infographic by mobile payments company, Payvia, they collected new statistics that illustrate the modern wave of mobile engagement during this year’s Presidential Election.

Some highlights:

  • 90% of American keep their mobile within three feet, 24 hours a day
  • 60% of smartphone users said they would vote via mobile
  • 89% of 18-24yos spend between 1 and 5 hours on their mobile device each day
  • Half of 18-24yos discussed the election via mobile
  • Romney and Obama both used mobile as the exclusive communication channel to announce their VP selection

View full article to see entire infographic

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Need Easy and Inexpensive Mobile Video Transcoding? Mogreet Has an API for that

The Mogreet team is excited about our new messaging and video APIs. We created a blog series to talk about the use cases of each API, providing developers not only an overview of what the API can accomplish, but how that API can help rock out any mobile based program.

Earlier this week, we discussed Mogreet’s SMS/MMS APIs.  From sending alerts to inbound content programming, there are endless use cases for messaging APIs.  And mobile video is just as popular.  And why not, mobile video has proven over and over again to drive action and results.

Introducing Mogreet’s Video Transcoding and Storage APIs

Mogreet’s video transcoding APIs is an on demand cloud-based video transcoding system that integrates within your system and quickly easily (and automatically) converts your video to all needed formats for optimal quality. Whether the recipient has an iPhone, iPad or even an older model feature phone, our APIs can convert video files to playback perfectly – no matter what device is being used.

So how does it work? 

api mobile video transcoding

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33 Ways to Use Mogreet’s SMS/MMS APIs

Earlier this month, Mogreet launched messaging and video APIs to help developers quickly, easily and cost-effectively send messaging or video content directly to mobile phones.

There are endless use cases for these APIs.  From sending quick and effective SMS/MMS text messages such as alerts or engaging trivia, to nearly instantaneous mobile video transcoding and distribution for a more robust end user experience, our APIs makes it easy for developers to create new apps or add functionality within existing web and mobile applications. In this blog series, we are going to present various use cases by API, beginning with our SMS/MMS messaging API.  These examples will provide glimpse of the vast uses and features of each API.  Full details on how to use each of these APIs can be found on our developer website at the specific links provided below.

Introducing Mogreet’s SMS/MMS API

Mogreet’s SMS/MMS API enables SMS and MMS text messaging via any mobile or web app. The potential applications of SMS/MMS messaging APIs are wide-ranging from two-factor authentication (sending secure PINs) to creating memes featuring MMS images texted in from third parties.  After all, with a 97% open rate, text messages are the fastest and most personal tool available to reach and engage users.

Here are some examples of how you can use SMS and MMS text message APIs. Text alerts, ranging from confirmations to recalls, are the most common way people use SMS/MMS, but of course, there are so many other uses.  How about creating a brand hero wall by collecting images from users through inbound text?  Or promoting an app download by segmenting your mobile subscribers list by which OS the users have? Sending directions with an image of a map attached and even creating a crowd sourced wedding album with user-generated content?  The possibilities are endless!

To help you get started, here are 30 examples for how you can use Mogreet’s SMS/MMS APIs:


1. Confirm appointments/reservations

2. Order delivery confirmation

3. Sending receipts (image or just text)

4. Pick up or take out alert

5. Sports scores with video or just text (Fantasy football, etc.)

6. System error or offline alerts

7. Product recalls

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Win a Super Pass (VIP) to CTIA’s MobileCon!


As CTIA’s exclusive SMS/MMS text messaging provider, we have 4 Super Passes for next week’s MobileCon up for grabs. This is considered a VIP pass that gives you All-Access to MobileCon. The price is normally $1,195 per pass for members and $1,295 for non-members. The event is in San Diego, California on October 9-11.

MobileCon is an annual event hosted by CTIA to bring together mobile industry experts and enterprise professionals to learn and discuss today’s hottest mobile trends and the most pressing issues in mobility.

Topics include:



Vertical Solutions

Mobile IT solutions & strategy

Mobile Cloud

BYOD & more!

Some of the speakers include:

Scott Griffith, Chairman and CEO of ZipCar

Robin Bienfait, CIO of RIM, Blackberry

Tayloe Stansbury, SVP and CTO of Intuit

We would love to see you there! Enter to win a Super Pass by entering your information here:

You will be contacted by the end of day Thursday, so you can plan your trip to Sunny San Diego!

For SMS/MMS alerts from CTIA about their events including MobileCon, text CTIA12 to 97577. Msg&data rates may apply.

Mogreet Selected by AlwaysOn as an OnMedia Top 100 Winner

OnMedia Top 100 Mogreet

Los Angeles, Calif., February 8, 2012Mogreet the world’s leading mobile messaging marketing platform, today announced that it has been chosen one of the AlwaysOn’s OnMedia Top 100 winners.  Inclusion in the OnMedia 100 signifies leadership amongst its peers and game-changing approaches and technologies that are likely to disrupt existing markets and entrenched players. Mogreet was specially selected by the AlwaysOn editorial team and industry experts spanning the globe based on a set of five criteria: innovation, market potential, commercialization, stakeholder value, and media buzz.

Mogreet and the OnMedia Top 100 Companies will be honored at AlwaysOn’s OnMedia NYC event on February 21st– 22nd, 2012, at the Time Warner Center.

This two-day executive event features CEO presentations and high-level debates on which forces are disrupting user behavior and creating new opportunities in the marketing, branding, advertising, and public relations industries.

“The make-up of OnMedia 100 represents forward-thinking media companies in a year charged with disruptive change.  The emergence of Web-fueled TV and the explosive growth of smartphones and tablets are challenging the media world to transform itself into a global, consumer-focused industry. Coupled with the socialization of everything, this year’s digital media and entertainment startups are boldly charging into future, ready to reinvent the establishment with new, invigoration products and services,”  says Tony Perkins, founder and editor of AlwaysOn. “Web analytics are now embracing a social world, providing marketing and advertising companies with the targeted data that delivers on the promise of reaching consumers with meaningful, actionable messages.”

The OnMedia 100 winners were selected from among hundreds of other technology companies nominated by investors, bankers, journalists, and industry insiders.  The AlwaysOn editorial team conducted a rigorous three-month selection process to finalize the 2012 list.

“We are honored to be recognized by AlwaysOn as a global technology leader, and an OnMedia top 100 winner,” said James Citron, CEO, Mogreet. “We are pleased to be included in this elite group of innovative companies that are driving the media and entertainment industries forward. The rise of the mobile device as the first screen has changed how media is consumed, driving a deeper connection between consumer and brand. We have seen tremendous growth in the industry as the proliferation of mobile devices is changing how content is consumed and shared, and subsequently driving huge growth in both B2B and B2C mobile marketing campaigns aimed at connecting with today’s mobile consumer. We’re excited to engage and discuss these opportunities with other industry leaders at AlwaysOn’s OnMedia NYC event later this month.”

Mogreet works together with global brands, entertainment, media and broadcast companies, to help them engage with their customers through mobile devices via rich media. With Mogreet’s platform, media companies can send consumers highly personalized and valuable content including articles, podcasts, news, songs, videos, episode previews and exclusive content, directly to consumers’ mobile devices across the standard text data network that reaches nearly every mobile device.  Enhancing the mobile messaging campaign with rich content continues to increase goal acquisition and social sharing.  Mogreet recently released its disruptive mobile sharing service, moShare, which enables the billions of pieces of content online to now be instantly shared via MMS to any mobile device. To join moShare’s partner ecosystem, or to try moShare, go to or text SHARE to 31313. (Msg&data rates may apply).

A full list of all the OnMedia Top 100 winners can be found on the AlwaysOn website at:


About Mogreet

Founded in 2006, Mogreet is the leading mobile marketing platform for the delivery of rich media to mobile devices. The company works with leading marketers in entertainment, media, retail, consumer products, health care and real estate. Currently supported in over 175 countries, Mogreet’s platform can reach 2 billion consumers globally. Mogreet is headquartered in Venice, California., and

About AlwaysOn

AlwaysOn is the leading business media brand networking the Global Silicon Valley. AlwaysOn helped ignite the social media revolution in early 2003 when it launched the AlwaysOn network. In 2004, it became the first media brand to socially network its online readers and event attendees. AlwaysOn’s preeminent executive event series includes the Silicon Valley Innovation Summit, OnMedia, OnHollywood, IMPACT Venture Summit Mid-Atlantic, Venture Summit East, OnDemand, Venture Summit Silicon Valley, OnMobile, and GoingGreen Silicon Valley. The AlwaysOn network and live event series continue to lead the industry by empowering its readers, event participants, sponsors, and advertisers like no other media brand.

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